Anonymous: Heads or tails?

▐ ¦┈「♔」┈¦▐;

                          ❝— Ah…tails?❞


*lovingly calls u a lil shit*


Original vs Not!
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Finally Maka is recognized as the queen she actually is.

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Send me ‘₪’ to see my muse’s reaction to yours shooting up from bed in the middle of the night from a nightmare.

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Order of Madness Poster by Tom Hughes

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I fucking love this so much. I don’t know who wrote but I hope they know this is the greatest thing I’ve ever read.


Queued (I’m on holiday in Italy with my sister)

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{ ♔ } —  A lump caught itself tight in his throat as her exterior varied, and the words seemed to of lifted from her lips the moment they left. She was so calm, her exterior. It seemed lifeless, motionless and almost absent of the current world. As if the world continued moving, time continued flowing and nothing stopped. But it seemed to of applied to her, as she seemed to of been stuck in time. In a time period, but he couldn’t place a finger on it. She looked hopeless: a lost cause.

— His mind begun to wonder as these thoughts traveled throughout his mind, What had gone on while he was away? What had she put herself through while he was M.I.A, to put it flat. He’d wondered if she’d acted different, or if she’d acted the same with a storm of a thousand hidden screams hid themselves. Golden hues attempted to dig the hidden truths from her own faded orbs, but even with that, it seemed nearly impossible.

 " That's not true. "

  — His voice was nothing more than a murmur, but he was at loss of words. No matter how hard he attempted to speak to heal the unspoken for wounds left to her mind, her mental construction, nothing seemed to of fit. Eyes shifting, his body remained stiff. Should he leave? Should he continue to trap himself in that lonesome yet troubled mind of hers, and remain snug?  small  

— ” I have no excuse, Maka. I’ve been a terrible male figure in your life, and I hadn’t stuck to my word. I will never ask for your forgiveness, because I’m not a selfish guy, however idiotic and reckless I am. But should I of had the chance to tell you I was leaving, I would’ve, Maka. I may be a liar in your eyes, one of unforgivable actions but if there’s one thing I truly hope you believe is I would never intentionally leave you alone. The thought alone wrecks my mind, and to know I’ve failed to follow through makes me more than disgusted with myself. “


    — Nipping at his already seemingly sore bottom lip, a pale hand ran itself throughout his already tattered hair. How he longed to hold that frail body and hold her close. With the fear of ever letting go; the fear of letting her down yet again. However actions spoke louder than words, that did not apply within this confinement of their souls which had seemed to part farther and farther with each lost word.

— ” As there is no possible way I could ever make up for the hurt I must have caused you, Maka.. Tell me what you want done. May it be closure or distance, I’m willing to take these chances in order for your well being. “

▐ ¦┈「♔」┈¦▐  

                                            ❝—You’re heartless. Heartless.

    Continued to stare, tiers trembling and earning severs within previous cracks, practically already tasting plasma seep from tainted flesh; nostalgia. Wouldn’t tear gaze away from emeralds albeit being offered items. Only slitted azure and attempted searching for any indication of something more harmful but again, nothing. Growing frustrated, she’d allow a single hand to rise, half-smoked cancer stick pressing betwixt smooth lips only to inhale its toxins.  

    Yet as attention avert from man to object, her mind fell blank. Maka could practically say anything she wanted to but chose not to. Still had a voice, still had opinions, but once wanted by another did they not follow suit. Perhaps it was because she was convinced of what she was made to believe of herself, as nothing. Never did anything she say matter before so she sought no need to believe otherwise now. No matter the setting, people were the same; viewing her as nothing less than crazy. It were as if time stood still and everything stopped yet, days would pass, night would fall, skin had not aged      only, would she not be noticed. Aware, that she had put her living days to an end and now had her soul bound to the very home that observed her seemingly close demise. Months passed, people had came and left. Family after family would lose at least one member in the home. T’was a blessing in disguise, so some would say, others would wish for different       desired to move on to another life, wherever that may be. Maka, didn’t exactly mind being stuck in one spot, even if it were becoming quite crowded. Decided to just observe what went on as opposed to interacting as the others did.

                                                    Oh, how you’ve hurt me.  

     The house had remained vacant for some time before the Death God had left, Soul out and about perusing his own life and Blair doing the same, though in a more unique way. Truth be told, the moments spent here, in this exact house which they stood outside from, held the most beautiful memories which haunted Maka day & night.  There wasn’t a need for an explanation behind it. 

        Death was a cold blindfolded kiss.

                               It is a finger pressed upon our lips

                                                   that puts an emphasis on how we should have lived 

Leaning toward tray as adjacent being wander off, she’d press cherry into tin, diminishing whatever was left of the half smoked cancer-stick. A hesitant step back, a sense of soul would depart as query were voiced aloud, tinging her heart and creating an aperture. It was the suggestion behind question that brought her back to reality. How easy it could be for her to lose yet another important being in her life on her own behalf. It were pride that would keep her from sharing something so personal. Her inner most demons coming to life on numerous occasion and to have Humanity’s Strongest share her weakness, created no sense in title     an overall lie to public and her subordinates. Feet weightlessly carried her toward youth, sapphire remaining upon honeyed cascades as distance enclose. Lie or no lie, the truth would always, set one free.

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